Innovative technology approaches to building a 5Gigaverse Society

“The next ten years are the years of mobile data. New 5G-powered Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) users will be ten times more than wired broadband. By 2030, the cellular network will be transmitting more data than wired networks. More data means more revenue,” says Qiu Zheng, Wireless Marketing Director, Huawei, during a recent webinar on 5Grows Together: Wireless Innovation for a 5Gigaverse Society.  
However, more data comes with its own challenges for the service providers. The network architecture needs to change to be able to address this growing data consumption. It is crucial to maximize the value of macro sites to address the problem of the limited spectrum and limited power. This is also important to build a high bandwidth foundation for network coverage. 
Several new technology approaches are helping the telcos get the maximum mileage from deploying 5G: 
Meta AAU for improved network performance and lower energy consumption 
Typically, telcos follow the strategy of adding a new network layer for every new technology. This leads to network complexity. Further, this strategy is not possible with 5G since it uses spectrum from multiple frequency bands…

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