iD Mobile Launch “New” Fixed Price SIM Only Plans with No Annual Price Hikes

Low-cost UK mobile operator iD Mobile (Currys), which uses Three UK’s national 4G and 5G network via a virtual operator (MVNO) partnership, has today claimed to be launching a “new” set of fixed price SIM Only mobile plans that pledge not to hike their prices each year by the rate of inflation.

The pledge isn’t actually all that surprising when you consider that Ofcom are already in the process of effectively banning any mid-contract price increases that are linked to either inflation or percentage (%) based changes (here). But the regulator’s change doesn’t completely rule out other mid-contract price hikes, which is where iD Mobile’s commitment to “fixed price” plans may come in handy.

NOTE: Previously, iD adopted a similar policy to other operators, which meant the monthly price would increase every April by the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation + 3.9%.

On the other hand, iD Mobile has been promising a “SIM Only Price Lock” with “no annual price rises” alongside their mobile plans since around early February 2024, so that aspect isn’t terribly new. The announcement also fails to include any pricing details of the new plans more generally, which might be because they haven’t changed all that much.

For example, a quick look this morning shows that their entry-level package on a 24-month term now gives you 8GB (GigaBytes) of data with unlimited calls/texts for £7 per month, which is actually £1 more expensive than it was before (note: you get 6GB on a 12-month term for the same price and 5GB for a 30-day term). The top unlimited data plans also seem to be unchanged at £17 for a 24-month term. But it’s possible they haven’t launched the new plans yet (we’re checking).

Lewis Henry, Customer and Marketing Director at iD Mobile, said:

“We understand that in the current cost of living crisis, people are actively seeking better deals across all their everyday essentials. So, we’re fixing our prices across all of our SIM only plans.”

Take note that all of iD Mobile’s plans come with access to 5G, free Data Rollover and inclusive Roaming in 50 destinations worldwide as standard.

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