Huawei launches telecom foundation model at MWC in industry first


On the first day of MWC Barcelona this year, Yang Chaobin, Huawei’s Board Member and President of ICT Products & Solutions launched the telecoms industry’s first Telecom Foundation Model, an artificial intelligence model for operators 


The model’s objective is to offer vital artificial intelligence technologies for service innovation which will improve the efficiency of operators, enhance network productivity and help commercialise 5.5G. 


Huge innovation in the telecoms industry has led to more productive networks, but this has come with increased service demands, which are only set to increase in the future. Therefore, the services provided by the operators will need to improve user experience and operation and management of their platforms as the number of users increases. 5.5G is able to deliver enhanced network capabilities to support an even more diverse range of services.  


Therefore, the model will help provide key intelligence technologies that support service innovations, improve operational efficiency, improve the productivity of the network and hit 5.5G intelligence objectives. 


Specifically, the model will help operators go intelligent by supporting intelligent natural language interactions for different roles to improve employee knowledge and efficiency. It also provides intelligent agent applications for different operations scenarios, which analyse and break down complex processes and orchestrate operation solutions to ensure user experience and satisfaction. Some typical example of application will include: AI assistants (in the case of agile service providing), and will also help improve employee knowledge and efficiency.


“The Huawei Telecom Foundation Model leverages Huawei’s strengths in intelligent technology and offers two types of applications: role-based copilots and scenario-based agents,” said Chaobin in his keynote speech. 


“It will help carriers empower employees and improve user satisfaction, which will, in turn, improve network productivity,” he continued. 


Bringing his speech to a close, Chaobin called upon industry partners to increase the applications of this intelligent technology via rough collaborative industry promotion, talent training, and innovation. He also encouraged the telecom foundation model sector to ensure best practices and bring more intelligence to the telecom industry. 

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