Huawei and China Mobile jointly released Green Management White Paper


[Copenhagen, Denmark, September 28, 2023] At the Digital Transformation World (DTW) 2023, Huawei and China Mobile jointly released the Green Management White Paper. Themed “Together, Greener”, the paper makes the case for carriers to standardize green management and promote the cooperation between the ICT sector and vertical industries in order to implement sustainable development.

Olga Martynov, chief financial and sustainability officer of TM Forum, interviews Zhou Yu, President of Huawei Global Technical Service Network Consulting and System Integration Services Dept., during the white paper’s launch event on Sept. 19.

As one of the pillars of digitalization, operators play an important role in supporting the carbon neutral and green sustainable development of the whole society. However, there isn’t yet a systematic governance framework, model, and indicator system that would support carriers in effectively managing, planning, and implementing green strategies. This white paper provides a roadmap for the green development of communications networks.

Key concepts in the paper include:

Green management framework: Build a three-layer management framework from “green governance”, “green planning”, and “green execution” to fully support the implementation of carbon reduction initiatives.
Green standard system and baseline: Build a complete green network evaluation index system based on six indicators and baselines (NCIe, NEE, SEE, TEE, RER, and VEI).
Green operation platform: A platform to support detailed operations such as green strategies, measurement, and solutions.

Zhou Yu, President of Huawei Global Technical Service Network Consulting and System Integration Services Dept, said, “In the process of green network transformation, operators should focus on core issues such as service growth, cyber resilience, and return on investment (ROI), and operators should systematically plan the three-layer architecture of Green Infrastructure, Green Network, and Green Operation. This needs to be supported by end-to-end digital capabilities. The communications industry should cooperate extensively to build a green management framework, green governance model, and green standard system to support the greening of the communications industry and enable all industries to reduce carbon dioxide.”

The paper can be downloaded here:

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