How innovation is helping to maximize the value of 5G

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a popular phrase, especially in 5G era. What do you think about the relationship between AI and 5G, and how does ZTE develop 5G with AI?

AI and 5G will develop and evolve together with each other, and this is a two-way channel, benefiting both technologies. AI is built in multi-layers of 5G to form the ubiquitous AI capability. The AI capabilities are designed in a modular form at the network equipment layer, O&M layer, and service layer, which enables construction of a network with gradual evolved capabilities. With a unified AI platform, the mainstream deep learning and machine learning framework, support more than 150 built-in all-domain network AI algorithms and more than 60 AI scenarios. The visualized zero programming AI model development makes scenario exploration easier.

At network equipment layer, ZTE has the most intelligent baseband unit (BBU), which not only provides the largest capacity for RAT’s, but also enables intrinsic AI capability via a software upgrade to support the “Radio Composer” giving better user experience and higher network efficiency. For to B service provision, with one computing board inserted in the BBU to enable the NodeEngine solution, enterprises can build a private 5G network simply and cost efficiently while benefiting from powerful service provision capability…

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