Highlight integrates Cisco ThousandEyes into its Service Observability Platform

Highlight has integrated Cisco ThousandEyes, a leader in digital experience monitoring into its Service Observability Platform. Highlight now collects the data from ThousandEyes, simplifies it and presents it in a service orientated view alongside the supporting Underlay connectivity, Overlay MPLS or SD-WAN, switch or WiFi LAN infrastructure. 

By integrating the digital experience data from ThousandEyes alongside Highlight’s data about the WAN and LAN, organisations gain a full graphical view of the performance of the network.  Highlight’s unique service-orientated view is intuitive and non-technical so that anyone can understand how both the network and the applications are performing, be they highly skilled engineers, operational managers or service teams including sales and finance.

Digital Experience Monitoring enables organisations to understand how their users experience critical applications. It enables Service Providers and IT departments to identify potential issues and make improvements before users lose patience and trust.  When integrated with Highlight, users can share real time and historic information on the ThousandEyes Agents and application tests they run to anyone who needs to know, with unlimited levels of multi-tenancy and granular role-based-access-control.

Martin Saunders, COO of Highlight says, “We’re delighted to extend our support of Cisco technologies to include ThousandEyes. Highlight combined with ThousandEyes makes digital experience monitoring scalable and dependable for modern IT organisations and Service Providers alike. We don’t recreate the ThousandEyes dashboard but rather deliver the digital experience information in context with other core network information. The combination enables faster and more precise problem identification, with direct links to the ThousandEyes dashboard for deeper investigation. 

“To have full observability of a network and the digital experience, organisations require historical data for trend analysis. Highlight’s reporting engine summarises and presents historical digital experience data alongside supporting network information via flexible and intuitive reports. For services providers, this means we can help facilitate their conversations with customers about how their critical applications are performing, enabling them to focus on any areas with issues and then drill down into the detail.”

Luke Maxwell, Head of Technical Support at ITGL says, “We use the Highlight Service Observability Platform to enhance the services we deliver to our 200+ customers including NHS Trusts, universities, colleges, and private sector companies. The addition of ThousandEyes to Highlight will further strengthen our managed service offering, enabling us to insert the digital experience into our overall network view to deliver the full picture. If a customer experiences a delay or fault with an application, we will be able to quickly identify if any area of the network is involved. The combination of Highlight and ThousandEyes enables us to easily understand the context of an issue and share more detailed reports with our customers.”

Highlight’s cloud-based SaaS platform integrates with Cisco ThousandEyes using a secure API which takes minutes to set up and scales to thousands of devices and tests.  Highlight manages all aspects of the platform, giving customers the freedom to focus on what’s important to them.



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