Green 5G networks and the future of sustainable telecoms

From the telecoms industry to politics, sustainability and climate change are among the defining issues of the modern age, but exactly how to tackle these crucial issues remains controversial. 
The recent COP26 conference in Glasgow, which brought together the United Nations to develop a cohesive strategy to combat climate change, has broadly been denounced as a failure, demonstrating that the world is not on track to reach the targets set by the Paris Agreement. In fact, even if all the pledges made at or before COP26 were to be kept, statistics from the International Energy Agency show that the global temperatures are expected to rise by 1.8 degrees Celsius, exceeding 1.5-degree limit set out in the Agreement.
Clearly, there is work to be done – and on an international scale – if we are to prevent a climate catastrophe in the coming years.
But exactly what role can the technology and telecoms sectors play in this journey?
This was the question that the ITU sought to answer in an online panel session entitled ‘Greening our own house: Addressing the environmental footprint of digital technologies’, which took place on the 24th of November…

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