GlobalNet and Herza Cloud Unite in Strategic Partnership

In a recent development, two telecommunications companies have formalized a partnership agreement, enabling them to resell the service of connecting to the international Internet Exchange network to customers across almost all of the Asia Pacific Region. The cloud operator’s connection to the distributed peering network has been established at the Equinix SG1 site, situated at 20 Ayer Rajah Crescent. As a result, peering in DATAIX now provides connectivity to valuable hosting providers and content generators in the largest data centers of Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Nina Saidi, the Global Sales Director of GlobalNet, views the collaboration between the two companies as a significant step in establishing GlobalNet as a regional service provider. She states, “This is another noteworthy event for our team in a series of connections with major international networks of telecom operators in Asia. Through collaboration with our colleagues at Herza Cloud, DATAIX-SG will have significant potential to reach the largest hosting platforms and content generators in the region. I’m proud of the work we’ve done and am excited about the prospects for our network.”

Hernan Gibran Ramadhan, the Founder of Herza, attributes the successful launch of the partnership program to the well-coordinated efforts of both companies’ teams. He reflects, “Working alongside our IXP partner, DATAIX-SG, with interconnection points strategically placed in key areas of the Asia-Pacific region, has been truly delightful. At Herza we hope that our joint efforts will contribute to enhancing the appeal of selecting global cloud services for connectivity. We look forward with enthusiasm to sustaining this fruitful collaboration, nurturing mutual growth, and achieving excellence in connectivity solutions,” he concludes.

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