Giganet’s UK Broadband ISP Customers Start Migrating to Cuckoo

Investment group Fern Trading (Octopus Investments) has today begun the next phase of customer migrations on their alternative UK full fibre broadband ISP networks, which are shifting to a central retail provider under Cuckoo. Customers of Jurassic Fibre and Swish Fibre have already been through this process, and today it’s the turn of Giganet.

Cuckoo originally started life around four years ago as an independent ISP, which changed in 2022 after they were acquired by Fern-backed Giganet (here). But last year’s decision by parent Fern Trading to consolidate almost all of their full fibre operators into a single wholesale network – AllPoints Fibre – changed all that (here and here).

NOTE: Fern Trading also backs London business full fibre ISP Vorboss, which is a very different point-to-point fibre network and isn’t being consolidated with the others.

Giganet, which was born out of M12 Solutions some years earlier, was arguably the best known and most reputable of Fern’s network and ISP brands. Suffice to say that the migration may come as more of a surprise to their customers. We should also point out that Giganet, unlike Swish and Jurassic, also has a good-sized base of Openreach and CityFibre customers (FTTP).

A Cuckoo spokesperson told ISPreview:

“As part of our ongoing Group consolidation, Giganet customer contracts have now been transferred to Cuckoo Fibre Limited and follows earlier transfers of Swish Fibre and Jurassic Fibre customer contracts to Cuckoo fibre in January this year.

As with the Swish and Jurassic transfers, the broadband services, monthly charges and contract details provided to Giganet customers will stay the same.

Starting in June 2024, Giganet customers will notice a name change on their financial statements to Cuckoo Fibre Limited.

Additionally, all Giganet branding will now feature the phrase “Powered by Cuckoo” to reflect Cuckoo’s ownership of the Giganet brand.

Customers do not need to do anything as part of the update but should they have any further questions, the Giganet customer care team are on hand to support on 0330 333 3006 or email via”

Customers began to be informed about the change this morning, and more notices are expected to go out over the next few days.

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