Germany Telecoms Roundup: February 2024


A selection of the month’s biggest news stories from the German telecoms market, with guest commentary provided by Rowan Thomson, Senior Conference Producer of Connected Germany, Total Telecom

Vodafone Germany to power 5G infrastructure with renewable energy: Vodafone Germany has signed a renewable energy supply deal with RWE and will, in turn, supply the energy company’s offshore windfarm with 5G connectivity

Deutsche Telekom joins Foundation to pursue AI and blockchain convergence: The German telecoms giant continues to lean heavily into AI, this time considering the long term implications it could have for Web3 technologies.

Deutsche Telekom shifts voice customers to the cloud: Deutsche Telekom has successfully centralised 17 million customer connections in the cloud, processing billions of voice minutes through the NIMS platform.

Telefonica Germany builds self-powered 5G site: Photovoltaic modules have been installed next to the mobile tower, removing the need to connect the site to the national grid.

“This month’s stories highlight the growing focus within the sector on emerging technologies and technological transformation, with artificial intelligence and cloud transformation big topics, not just within the telco space, but within Germany’s digital economy more generally.

We can also see the importance of sustainability as well as the growing synergy between the telecoms industry and energy sector, with areas such as smart networks, smart grids and broader decarbonisation efforts becoming increasingly important as part of hitting Germany’s net zero goals – as highlighted in our stories on Vodafone’s renewable energy partnership with RWE and Telefonica’s build out of a self-powered 5G site. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest industry news from Germany and further afield.”

– Rowan Thomson, Senior Conference Producer of Connected Germany, Total Telecom

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