Future Connections and Budget Thuis strengthen their partnership with a framework agreement

Press Release

Future Connections, the independent telco solutions provider and software developer with in-depth experience in network performance assurance, optimisation and automation and in telco managed services, and Budget Thuis, the first provider to combine energy, home internet, television and mobile services in the Netherlands aiming to provide reliable services at affordable prices, today announced the signing of a 3 year contract for the provision of Telecom Inhome Services across the country.

Since 2018, Future Connections has been the trusted partner of Budget Thuis (previously named NLEx) for all the installations and services related to their Telco Inhome Services offering to include connections onboarding and changes, service tickets, etc.

The new contract was signed in Amsterdam at the Budget Thuis office between the two parties: Wout Hut, COO and Mariska van Herwijnen, Operations Manager Customer Services for Budget Thuis, and Julien Beenakkers, CEO, and Henk Liebeton, Managed Telco Services Director for Future Connections. The new 3-year agreement replaces the annual renewal cadence, a clear sign of the partners’ strong trust in each other.

The already good quality installation services provided to the customers of Budget Thuis by the Future Connections’ team will be given a further boost thanks to the inclusion in the new agreement of the adoption of a new Field Service Automation solution, MAx, by Future Connections for the management of its operations. The implementation of the new tool will enable end-to-end zero-touch automation onboarding and operational management processes. Consumers will enjoy a more immediate control and flexibility when ordering a new installation or when requesting a change.

Wout Hut, COO at Budget Thuis, commented: “By signing the 3 year contract extension we wanted to acknowledge and solidify the real appreciation and deep trust that characterises our partnership with Future Connections. At the same time, we wanted to use their help to enhance further the quality of experience of our customers. The deep telecom knowledge, experience and set of tools offered by the team at Future Connections ticks all the boxes for us and for our customers”. Julien Beenakkers, CEO at Future Connections, added: “We are delighted to continue forging an even stronger partnership with Budget Thuis and to share our expertise further to the benefit of their customers. The use of also our field service automation solution and of our integration capabilities will enable the delivery of more immediate, customer-led field services”.

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