Freedom Fibre: A customer-centric approach to boosting full-fibre uptake


For the past two years, Freedom Fibre has been working tirelessly to bring a full-fibre network to both rural and urban areas of the North West. Through this time, they’ve seen the Alt-Net Sector shift the focus from increasing build numbers to the importance of increasing connection rates. In a recent interview with Total Telecom at the 2023 Connected North Conference, Freedom Fibre’s CFO, Darren Woods, highlighted this change and argued that a customer-centric approach to the full-fibre network roll-out was essential in generating more interest and increasing the slow rates of uptake.

In the interview, Woods noted that many consumers don’t feel the need to make the switch to full-fibre, and therefore priority must be given to ensure residents feel informed on the reliability and resilience benefits of full-fibre as well as the upcoming structural changes associated with the copper switch off. In addition, Woods highlighted the importance of having healthy and rigorous competition within the Alt-Net sector which would make full-fibre more accessible and ultimately generate value for customers. Through this he emphasised the need for efficient networks, and how Freedom Fibre’s proposition for an aggregation platform could help other Alt-Nets gain access to a wider market and would make it easier for consumers to switch broadband providers.

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