Fibrus Extend FTTP Broadband into N.Ireland Town of Millisle

Belfast-based UK network builder and broadband ISP Fibrus has just extended their multi-gigabit capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband network into the coastal town of Millisle in County Down (Northern Ireland), which is home to around 2,300 people. The new service is currently said to be serving 1,268 premises.

The provider’s gigabit broadband network has, as of 31st March 2024, already been expanded to cover 354,000 premises (337k RFS) across parts of England and N.Ireland, which is up from 339,000 premises on 31st January 2024 (321,000 RFS). Many of their locations are in rural communities and Millisle is the latest to benefit from this, joining other areas like Whitehead, Kirkubbin and Randalstown, which have all been connected in recent months.

NOTE: Infracapital-backed Fibrus has attracted over £750m of committed capital, including £235m from investors, £220m from a banking consortium and the rest as public subsidy (e.g. £197m Project Stratum – up to 82,000 premises by June 2025 in N.Ireland – and the £108m Project Gigabit contract for 60,000 premises in Cumbria, England – Hyperfast GB).

As usual, the challenge for Fibrus is that they’ll also be competing against an existing network in the shape of Openreach, which has already deployed FTTP across most of the community.

Shane Haslem, Chief Operating Officer at Fibrus, said:

“Fibrus is committed to improving connectivity in rural and regional communities, having already extended our network to over 350,000 premises in Northern Ireland and Cumbria.

We aim to enhance the lives of residents in underserved areas, addressing longstanding connectivity challenges. The introduction of full fibre broadband services in townlands such as Millisle will have a positive impact on the daily experiences of locals, redefining the way families and businesses go about their lives.”

Residential customers can expect to pay from £24.99 per month for download speeds of 159Mbps (average) and uploads of 34Mbps on a 24-month term (£39.99 thereafter), which rises to £44.99 for their top 982Mbps (310Mbps) tier (£59.99 thereafter). The packages also include an Amazon Eero 6+ router (or routers), UK support, free setup and the pledge of “no mid-contract price hikes“. Prices may differ in areas of subsidised build.

NOTE: Infracapital also owns or has stakes in Gigaclear, Ogi, Neos Networks and WightFibre etc.

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