EXATEL talks expansion into subsea connectivity sector


Total Telecom caught up with Tomasz Dylik, Director of Investment and Maintenance Department at EXATEL, ahead of his talk at Submarine Networks EMEA on how EXATEL is expanding into the subsea sector

EXATEL has a network in Poland and in Europe, but has not been involved in subsea investments so far. What is the reason for your interest in this direction?

For many years, EXATEL has mainly focused on transit services on the East–West line across Europe. We have plenty of interconnections with all our neighbours and have been increasing our international presence for last few years with new POP and Exchange hubs across the Europe. We believe that right now is time for us to grow not only on the North–South data axis but in the worldwide transit industry. This won’t be possible without getting involed more directly in subsea projects.

What other new projects are you planning over the coming years?

For 10 years, EXATEL has been growing in various areas of the telecommunications industry, from being a legacy fibre telco to also offering wireless and cybersecurity services. We have also developed satellite communication services and added them to our portfolio, and we are building our own solutions like TAMA (anti-DDOS) or SDN network based on our own equipment.  We are planning to continue developing new services that will allow us to grow with the telecom industry; e.g., we plan to launch a nationwide Public Protection and Disaster Relief network (i.e., a network for first responders) using spectrum in the 700MHz band.

What are your expectations for the Submarine Networks EMEA event?

We are looking for partners to get involved in our transit projects, anchor customers, and technological partners who are willing to participate in our investments to build a TransitHUB for the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region.

EXATEL are sharing their expansion strategy today at Submarine Networks EMEA. Join the discussion now using the hashtag #SubNetsEMEA

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