Enterprise opportunities in the 5G era

The 5G era of change for telcos
The telecoms industry, it is undeniable that 5G is one of the most exciting and influential technologies we have seen in recent years, bringing with it not only greatly improved data speeds and capacity, but also a host of new use cases never seen before. 
But for society at large, including in the enterprise sector, 5G may have something of an identity crisis, often being conflated with the numerous alternative and complimentary connectivity technologies on the market today.
Indeed, as Dean Bubley, Founder and Director of Disruptive Analysis, points out, often when people talk about a ‘5G era’, they often are in fact talking about the wider connectivity ecosystem itself.
“Often when you speak to people about 5G, whether it’s in enterprise or government and policy makers… sometimes they use it as shorthand for ‘cool new wireless stuff’,” said Bubley, noting the wide array of communications technologies currently available…

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