Enreach for Service Providers announces CloudCTI partnership

Sophia Antipolis, France, April 16 – Enreach for Service Providers, part of Enreach, the fast-growing European contact leader, has today announced a partnership with Netherlands-based CloudCTI, which delivers cloud-based CRM and ERP integrations to telecom service providers and resellers. The agreement will provide customers with access to 200+ CRM integrations. It will also support the customer experience (CX), analytics features and AI roadmap within  Enreach UP, which combines, UCaaS, CCaaS and productivity tools in a fully converged contact solution, optimised for desktop, IP phone or mobile devices.


Justin Hamilton-Martin, Director of Product Strategy, Enreach for Service Providers, says, “CloudCTI’s solution is a significant step forward in simplifying and improving customer engagement by making a technology-light but powerful bridge between CRMs and unified communications. Users do not need to install an app because CloudCTI gives them access to customer records when they need that information, such as answering an incoming call. Plus, once a call is finished, information is recorded back to the CRM or customer database. 

He continues, “Moving from a PC based, embedded client to the cloud is key for our mobile first approach, supporting tablets and will help drive user adoption for our service provider customers. In addition, dependency on the PC or client app is removed, so features work even when the PC is switched off, such as display of name resolution on all devices, including mobiles and tablets.


Adds Jan Kees Lantsheer, CEO of CloudCTI: “Furthermore, Cloud CTI has minimal impact on businesses’ existing IT infrastructure, with no need for service providers and resellers to develop additional software or customisation. Instead, our technology easily and quickly integrates Enreach UP with a CRM or customer database with minimal effort required. We already have a strong base of resellers and now look forward to extending Cloud CTI’s benefits to this new Enreach partner community.”


Bertrand Pourcelot, CEO of Enreach for Service Providers, says, “Our partnership with CloudCTI, which leverages Enreach UP’s powerful APIs, is a key part of our vision and roadmap towards smarter context-based communication, emphasising improvements to the user experience and productivity benefits. Based on a recent survey with them, we know these are essential focus areas for our service providers to support the digital transformation of their business customers. In addition, we are on a mission to help service providers and their business customers benefit from better analytics, which can catalyse successful AI adoption within the CX context.”


Justin Hamilton Martin concludes, “The two organisations have known each other for some time and have synergies such as dedication to a faster, cleaner user experience and a shared belief that CRMs play a pivotal role in enabling seamless converged contact across any device or network. We look forward to our continued collaboration and exploring further ways in which we can add to our partners’ and their customers’ successful adoption of technology that makes a tangible difference to customer engagement and user productivity.”


About Enreach for Service Providers
Enreach for Services Providers is a European leader in converged contact solutions. Our mission is to create customisable mobile-first contact solutions, enabling our partners to thrive and users to transform their interactions. Our platform “Enreach UP” enables service providers and integrators to deliver their business customers with value-added services, including FMC, video collaboration, messaging, inbound/outbound call centre functionality and conversational bots, seamlessly integrated with mobile services, Microsoft Teams, CRM and ERP systems. Our customisable-by-design platform “Enreach UP” enables full white-labelling, personalised user experience, BYOx enablement (Carrier, OSS/BSS/mobile), APIs for integration, automation & AI as well as multiple deployment options including PaaS. Enreach group operates in over 27 countries and counts more than 1,000 employees. For more information visit: https://enreach.com/sp/


About CloudCTI

CloudCTI is a brand of Keylink, a software company based in The Netherlands, providing cloud services to telecom providers and resellers focused on the integration of CRM and ERP applications. Our mission is to offer a broad range of integrations with very many different CRM applications that are very easy to implement. Fulfilling this mission has brought us thousands of resellers providing our computer telephony integration services to their customers all over the world every day. For more information visit: https://cloudcti.nl/

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