Enhancing and expanding connectivity with EXA Infrastructure


EXA continues to expand and enhance its network and is committed to being the industry trailblazer by building the connectivity that underpins the digital economy. EXA Infrastructure VP Network Investments Steve Roberts

In 2023, EXA’s capex investment will continue to grow, with 20 approved investment projects which encompasses 10,940kms of new footprint, increasing EXA’s network size to 125,000 kms. EXA’s investment focus is all about serving the needs of new and existing customers, and providing high quality, reliable and scalable infrastructure.

EXA is leading the way in terms of large-scale network expansion projects, further diversifying network routes, ensuring customer requirements for resilient connectivity between data centres and cable landing stations.

As a dedicated owner and operator of digital infrastructure, EXA is not only investing in its network expansion but also improving performance and capability by implementing the latest innovations in the optical layer, passing these enhancements and improvements directly to our customer base.

Providing critical connectivity to our existing and new customers is what drives us as we continue to lead the investment across the industry. This drive is being powered by the demand in data traffic but also as we continue with our promise to become the undisputed data centre to data centre connectivity provider.


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