eir evo partners with HPE for edge-to-cloud platform

Press Release

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) today announced that eir evo, the largest managed cloud services provider in Ireland, has selected the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform to enhance the cloud services offering for its private cloud platform, Digital Planet. HPE GreenLake will enable Digital Planet to meet increasing demand, accelerate deployment of new services and improve overall customer experience for its private cloud offering.

Eir evo has operations and data centers located in Dublin as well as the UK and US and is one of two HPE Platinum Partners in Ireland. The managed services provider offers an extensive portfolio of services to help customers embrace new technologies across cloud, cybersecurity, networking, infrastructure, connectivity, and more. This portfolio leverages the full range of HPE GreenLake cloud services, making eir evo a leading HPE service provider partner.

“As a HPE Platinum Partner we have a deep understanding of deploying a technology and business platform, therefore it was clear that HPE GreenLake would be the optimal fit to futureproof our Digital Planet solution,” said Martin Wells, managing director, eir evo. “In recent years sustainability has come into sharp focus for us and our customers. A key advantage is the modern cloud experience of HPE GreenLake that delivers service flexibility and choice, and the pay-per-use as-a-service model. These features help us manage costs and carbon footprint as they prevent overprovisioning and provide insights into energy consumption, which, in times of soaring energy costs and the global climate crisis, is critical.”

As a leader in the provision of cloud services, eir evo constantly strives to provide the highest levels of service quality while continuing to innovate. Its Digital Planet platform offers secure and compliant enterprise-class cloud hosting and IT managed services, and as more and more customers join the platform eir evo must modernize the infrastructure and software it is built upon. The system upgrade to HPE GreenLake facilitates the anticipated increase in workloads and data as well as performance growth, while allowing the team to implement changes more quickly to satisfy customer needs.

Providing a wide range of security solutions and complying with strict data privacy regulations, that are important in the European Union like GDPR, requires eir evo to prioritize developing its services on systems with the highest standards of security. HPE GreenLake is a zero-trust enabled architecture that delivers embedded security technologies and verifies the integrity of data infrastructures, more easily ensuring security and compliance. To guarantee minimum data loss and downtime for the platform, eir evo combines these capabilities with HPE Zerto, a solution for journal-based continuous data protection and recovery, delivering high-end security orchestration for all its cloud services.

“It is terrific to see one of our leading HPE partners include HPE GreenLake and deploy it in their own private cloud environment at the same time,” said Ray McGann, Ireland managing director, HPE. “With this modernization eir evo will have a highly flexible cloud platform that enables them to scale as they grow. This, together with a fixed pricing model, will allow the Digital Planet team to match their costs to revenue, providing improved predictability, visibility, and control, while investing more in the continued development of new solutions and services for their customers.”

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