DOCOMO partners with SAPEON to explore new AI chip

Press Release

SAPEON , a global AI semiconductor company, proudly announced their partnership with DOCOMO Innovations, INC. based in Silicon Valley, a subsidiary of Japan’s largest mobile operator, NTT DOCOMO, INC..

This collaboration marks a significant step in expanding AI services, focusing on cost reduction, enhancing internal operations, and accelerating the development of innovative AI solutions. SAPEON and DOCOMO Innovations have entered into an agreement to explore various applications, including Large Language Models (LLMs), image and video processing, and computer vision AI applications. They will conduct Proof of Concept (PoC) to solidify these advancements.

As a part of this initiative, DOCOMO Innovations has commenced testing of SAPEON’s newly launched AI semiconductor, the X330 which enables them to test customized models and Large Language Models (LLMs). This follows, after having tested the SAPEON X220, which has been proven to have high performance.

This cutting-edge service will be instrumental in multiple sectors, including healthcare, finance, insurance, and call centers, enhancing functions like voice recognition, converting conversations to text, and automated responses. SAPEON ‘X330’ is an AI semiconductor for data centers that provides more than 4 times the performance and more than 2 times the power efficiency of our existing product the X220.

SAPEON plans to target AI service model development companies and data center markets with the X330, which boasts enhanced capabilities which support Large Language Models (LLMs). SAPEON is currently conducting X330 prototype testing and reliability verification with key customers, and is gearing up for mass production to meet growing demand.

SAPEON completed the development of the semiconductor design asset with intellectual property (IP) for autonomous driving and has obtained the functional safety standard (ISO26262).

Looking ahead, we are preparing to launch high-performance edge AI semiconductors. SAPEON plans to provide customized solutions using its AI semiconductors in various industries, not only in data centers.

Soojung Ryu, CEO of SAPEON commented, “SAPEON is at the forefront of AI semiconductor development and has played a leading role in driving the advancement of related markets. We are proud to be the first enterprise in Korea to develop AI semiconductors for data centers in 2020.” Following our announcement, “we are excited to collaborate with DOCOMO Innovations to engage with a broader customer base”.

Yoshikazu Akinaga, President & CEO of DOCOMO Innovations commented, “As a leader in technological innovation, DOCOMO Innovations is committed to embracing new platforms and an open approach, enabling us to persistently push the envelope and innovate in order to provide our customers with unparalleled solutions. We are diligently evaluating SAPEON’s technology and excited about the potential collaboration with them to pioneer a new generation in the AI world.”

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