Deutsche Telekom CTO Abdurazak Mudesir takes over as chair of O-RAN Alliance

Press Release

O-RAN ALLIANCE announces that Dr. Abdurazak Mudesir, Group CTO of Deutsche Telekom, was elected as Chair of the Board, effective on June 25, 2024. Under Abdu’s chairmanship, O-RAN ALLIANCE stays fully committed to its mission to transform Radio Access Networks to be open, intelligent, virtualized and fully interoperable.

Dr. Alex Jinsung Choi, with his departure from Deutsche Telekom, has stepped down from the O-RAN ALLIANCE Board Chair. Alex was one of the founding directors of the O-RAN ALLIANCE in 2018. He served as Chief Operations Officer until 2022, and then as Chair of the Board until June 2024. As a renowned thought leader in the telecom industry, Alex greatly contributed to advancing the O-RAN mission. The ORAN ALLIANCE expresses sincere thanks to Alex for his leadership and enthusiasm.

“O-RAN ALLIANCE plays an essential role in the industry by setting an open specification framework and by facilitating the development of an innovative and competitive O-RAN ecosystem,” said Abdurazak Mudesir, Chair of the Board of O-RAN ALLIANCE and Group CTO of Deutsche Telekom. “O-RAN ALLIANCE remains committed to its efforts in architecture design, interfaces and test specifications, open source developments as well as development of the O-RAN ecosystem towards large scale deployments and global impact.”

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