David Green of Calix Shares How Altnets Can Expand Their Portfolio With SmartBiz at Connected North 2023


The subscriber dynamic has shifted tremendously over the last few years, and savvy altnets in the U.K. are seizing the moment to compete on more than just speed and price.

It’s all about the subscriber experience you provide through the Wi-Fi services that you offer, as David Green of Calix shares at Connected North 2023. The cloud platform from Calix, Revenue EDGE, delivers an exceptional subscriber experience along with critical insights for altnets to make informed decisions. Even more, SmartBiz™, part of the Calix SmartLife portfolio, is a service designed for small businesses.

With enhanced Wi-Fi security and an innovative mobile app, adoption of SmartBiz™ can enhance any altnet’s core offering by going beyond just the consumer play. This continuous innovation is just one of many reasons why Calix is the preferred partner of altnets in the U.K. market.


For more information on SmartBiz™ and Revenue EDGE, please feel free to reach out to David directly at david.green@calix.com

You can also meet Calix at Connected Britain (20-21st September) on stand 76. 

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