Customers of 1p Mobile Suffering Network Connectivity Problems

Several thousand of 1p Mobile’s customers in the UK are currently suffering from network connectivity problems, which appears to have started yesterday morning and remains ongoing today. At the same time, the operator’s website reports that they’re also having “issues with our customer service telephone system” (probably due to high demand).

The issue initially only affected a small portion of 1p Mobile’s customer base, hence why we didn’t cover this yesterday. But we’ve observed that this seems to have increased over the past 24 hours, and our inbox has been getting quite a few gripes about it, including from many customers who are frustrated at 1p’s lack of updates (or any semblance of a service status page).

NOTE: 1p Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) on EE’s UK platform.

According to the complaints, customer affected by the issue have been finding that the network’s data (mobile broadband), calling and text (SMS) connectivity hasn’t been working since yesterday morning. The only indication we could find about this on 1p Mobile’s website was on their contact page, which didn’t address the issue itself and highlighted how their support lines aren’t working correctly.

We are currently experiencing issues with our customer service telephone system and some calls are not connecting correctly or are being cut-off mid call. We apologies for any inconvenience caused and our phone engineers are working on the issue currently,” states 1p’s contact page.

However, after a bit of digging, we also found this support post buried in a customer reply on X (here): “The issue has been linked with the renewal of Boosts, top-ups and account changes that have been applied since the morning of the 12th of May.” Given that the provider works by monthly top-ups, rather than direct debits, this could help to explain why the complaints seem to be growing with each passing day.

What’s not so clear is why 1p Mobile aren’t currently able to highlight the issue with a proper service status update, which is particularly relevant given the state of their support lines. Sadly, we don’t have a press contact for 1p Mobile and couldn’t find one on their website.

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