Creating a new 'norm' for the subsea cable industry

In the run up to Submarine Networks EMEA 2022 next month, we caught up with Lynsey Thomas from Subsea Networks to hear her take on the biggest topics in the global submarine cable market.  
In your view, what is the most exciting thing happening in the industry right now?
It is really great to see all the projects that have been in the planning, financing and design phases starting to come to fruition. LinkedIn is scattered with images of new shore end landings and final splice deployments, all across the globe. Seeing the teams who have worked so hard to deliver these projects, especially in the recent challenging times, is very uplifting.  
Similarly, we are seeing an increase in the deployment of SDM systems, and learning how to address the new issues faced by high fibre count designs is interesting; how and what should be tested at acceptance being a particularly important question, especially for multi-landing designs with numerous discrete fibre pair owners…

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