Connected Britain 2023: the keynote panel agenda

A Connected Britain Preview 

Connected Britain 2023 is just around the corner and, with just under a week left to go, it is only fitting that we highlight some of our amazing keynote panels, featuring some of the biggest names in the UK telecoms industry. 


Day 1 – Wednesday 20th September: 

CXO keynote panel: The state of play for the UK’s mobile market (9:35am) 

Moderated by Karen Egan, Senior Telecoms Analyst at Enders Analysis, this panel will explore the current condition of the UK mobile market in depth. 


Andrea Donà, Chief Network Officer, Vodafone 

Howard Watson, Chief Security & Networks Officer, BT 

Phil Siveter, Chief Executive Officer, UK & Ireland, NOKIA 


CXO keynote panel: Where is the UK fibre market headed? (12:50pm) 

Moderated by Matthew Howett, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Assembly Research, this panel will explore the latest impacts of the market, understanding the regulatory and investment context for the UK fibre sector, discuss if regulation supports or hinders competition in the market, and address the challenge of adoption.  


Greg Mesch, Chief Executive Officer, Cityfibre 

Dana Tobak, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Hyperoptic 

Martyn Taylor, Chief Commercial Officer, BDUK 

Clive Selley, Chief Executive Officer, Openreach 

Daren Baythorpe, Chief Executive Officer, ITS 



CXO keynote panel: Connectivity as the cornerstone of a greener future (17:40pm) 

Moderated by Miran Gilmore, Senior Consultant at STL Partners, this panel will explore how connectivity will play a key role in the country’s environmental future.


Rafael Jaron, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Concept for Change 

Wolfgang Schusterr, Executive Director, Connected Places Catapult 

Marzia Zafar, Deputy Director of Governance for Data & Digitalisation, Ofgem 


Day 2 – Thursday 21st September

Understanding the connectivity needs of the UK’s nations and regions (9:30am) 

Moderated by Sophie James, Head of Telecoms and Spectrum Policy at TechUK, this panel will dive into the regional perspectives and priorities of the UK’s connectivity needs, addressing the challenges and opportunities of delivering better connectivity to the nation. 


Nik Johnson, Mayor of Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority 

Robbie McGhee, Deputy Director, Digital Connectivity, Scottish Government 

Theo Blackwell MBE, Chief Digital Officer for London, Greater London Authority 


Beyond the glass: what does it take to ensure modern broadband services and in-life experiences are truly fit for the future (10:10am) 

Our final panel of the event will be moderated by Lorne Mitchell, MD of Objective Designers, and will look at some of the following key questions: 

What criteria will networks and broadband services of the future be judged on? And what will be demanded of them? 
What decisions and investments today, will help networks and their ISPs stand out from the crowd tomorrow? 
Which technologies and approaches are set to enable the best networks and why? 
Against this backdrop, how must technology suppliers, networks operators and ISPs work together to realise net-zero/sustainability ambitions? 


Michel Langlois, Chief Technical Officer, Calix 

Nigel Abraham, Customer CTO, Nokia 

David Tomalin, Group CTO, Cityfibre 


Connected Britain 2023 promises to be bigger and better than ever before. It’s not too late to join us! Check out the full agenda and secure your tickets here

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