Comcast’s new Wi-Fi device switches customers to the mobile network when the power goes out


The firm claim that they are the first home internet provider to offer a product designed to maintain connectivity during a storm-related power outages, with the device offering a four-hour battery life 

In the newest addition to its home internet devices suite, Comcast has launched its ‘Xfinity Storm-Ready WiFi’, which, as the name implies, is designed to be used as a backup for weather associated power outages. 

During a power outage, the device switches automatically from the compromised fixed broadband network to a 4G LTE network, allowing home devices to remain online. Comcast suggests that the average US power cut lasts around two hours, and the firm’s new device features a battery life of four hours. 

“Not only does Storm-Ready Wi-Fi extend coverage to deliver our best-in-class Wi-Fi to hard-to-reach corners of the home, but it also gives customers the peace of mind that their connection at home can continue even when the power is out,” said Emily Waldorf, Senior Vice President of consumer Internet services at Comcast Cable. 

Naturally, the device will only be able to perform this function when within range of a 4G LTE signal and, once connected, service speeds will be lower than the original fixed-line services, with download speeds reduced to 30Mbps and upload speeds to 7Mbps. 

When not being used to connect to the mobile network, the device acts as a Wi-Fi range extender, helping to boost connectivity to areas of the home that are difficult to reach. 

Comcast offers a similar product to businesses named Connection Pro, which offers up to 16 hours of backup connectivity during outages. 

The company claims that the product is the first of its kind to provide coverage during stormy weather. However, Amazon owned Wi-Fi firm Eero also offers home cellular backup home through the Ring Alarm Pro with built-in Eero support, and other providers offer some form of back up cellular connection through a phone or other hotspot. 

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