Colt research shows optimism in tech investment among global businesses


Colt Technology Services released findings from a comprehensive study involving 1,114 IT leaders across 12 countries. The research highlights a surge in optimism around technology budgets, with almost 8 in 10 (79%) businesses planning to increase their tech budgets over the next one to three years.

Security (40%) and the integration of AI and machine learning capabilities (31%) emerged as the top priorities for IT leaders. Notably, one in four businesses is leveraging digital infrastructure to explore new revenue streams, with Japan leading at 31% and the US at 30%.

However, environmental concerns are gaining traction, with 20% prioritising understanding the environmental impact of their IT infrastructure and a similar percentage aiming to reduce it. Spain stands out as the most committed in addressing these concerns, with 28% focusing on understanding and 26% on reducing environmental impact.

Buddy Bayer, Chief Operating Officer at Colt, emphasised the shifting perspective on digital infrastructure, now viewed as a central driver for growth and revenue opportunities. The research also uncovered key trends, such as a focus on emerging tech (25%), quantum computing impact awareness (15%), and the critical need for enhanced network flexibility (23%).

Industries exhibit unique priorities, with travel, transport, and logistics companies emphasising environmental impact, financial services leaders focusing on AI and machine learning (36%), and manufacturers (30%) utilising IT to explore new revenue streams.

Bayer expressed enthusiasm for the research results, saying “It’s a privilege for us to carry out this research across so many countries. The exciting results give us a deeper understanding into our markets and they’ll inform and inspire us, as we support our global customers and partners through the next digital revolution”.

The study was conducted by Intuit Research for Colt Technology Services, surveying IT decision-makers across 12 regions between November 30 and December 14, 2023.

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