China Unicom Chongqing and Huawei Complete the World’s First Trial Commercial Use of “Alps-WDM+OSU”


Recently, China Unicom Chongqing announced the successful completion of the world’s first trial commercial use of “Alps-WDM+OSU”.

China Unicom Chongqing and Huawei Complete the World’s First Trial Commercial Use of “Alps-WDM+OSU”

The innovative Alps-WDM technology is reported to have improved network capabilities and customer experience in the following aspects:

Improved bandwidth supply capabilities: The bandwidth of integrated access sites increases 10 Gbit/s to 100 Gbit/s. Multiple areas share the bandwidth resource pool, and resources can be obtained on demand.
Lower network latency and improved flexible grooming capabilities: One-hop transmission at the optical layer and flexible grooming at the electrical layer reduce E2E latency to milliseconds.
Optimized O&M efficiency, accelerating response to market demands: The Digital Optical Label technology enables one-click automatic planning, deployment, and maintenance for quick responses to customer requirements.
Green and low-carbon development: Through architecture and technological innovation, Alps-WDM improves the site integration of integrated access equipment rooms and reduces both footprint and power consumption by more than 50%. This helps to better support the green, low-carbon, and high-quality development of China Unicom Chongqing.

This trial commercial use of Alps-WDM has also integrated the OSU technology. The test results show that “Alps-WDM+OSU” supports flexible pipe resource scheduling, lower node latency, and intelligent management and control, thereby reducing costs and improving network service quality. The successful application of “Alps-WDM+OSU” technology enables All-Optical Transport Networks to provide higher-quality services for more industry users. In the future, China Unicom Chongqing will use ROADM+OTN as the all-optical transport capacity foundation to connect to enterprises, homes, and other scenarios. With “Alps-WDM+OSU”, resources can be obtained on demand and made available with one click to facilitate the development of four premium networks[1], providing better services for various industries and homes and promoting digital construction.

[1] Four premium networks refers to China Unicom’s solutions published on 2022: the premium 5G network, premium broadband network, premium enterprise network, and premium computing power network

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