BT Correcting Error in Online A-Z Phone Book Directory

Telecoms giant BT has confirmed to ISPreview that they’re aware of an annoying error that impacted many entries in a couple of the online .PDF (Adobe Reader) versions of their A-Z Directory of Business & Residential Listings (phone book), which have recently begun to replace the old printed Phone Book.

In this case, the issue stemmed from the fact that BT had accidentally added an extra zero (0) on to the end of all the residential listings for places like Horsham (here), which is now in the process of being corrected “as soon as possible“.

Suffice to say that if you’ve already downloaded some of the affected listings then it might be wise to try again in a few days and, hopefully, by then it will have been resolved to give the correct numbers again. Credits to one of our readers (Hywel) for pointing out the mistake.

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