Brsk’s FTTP Broadband Cover of the West Midlands Tops 100k Premises

Network operator and UK ISP Brsk, which now covers 600,000 premises passed across England via their full fibre network and is in the process of being merged into Netomnia (here), has today revealed that they’ve also extended their coverage to 100,000 premises across the West Midlands (i.e. South Birmingham and The Black Country).

From the Borough of Dudley to Earlswood in South Birmingham, brsk is still expanding their FTTP coverage at pace across the West Midlands. For example, the altnet operator recently added an additional 30,000 premises in the areas of Blackheath and Bearwood in the Metropolitan borough of Sandwell – further additional areas are to be announced soon.

NOTE: Brsk is fuelled by an investment of at least £259m (mostly via Advencap and the Ares Management Corp) and were previously (pre-merger) aiming to pass 1 million homes by 2026.

The announcement notes that the operator has so far invested “£25,000,000 in broadband for the people of the West Midlands“, which works out as about £250 per premises passed. But we should point out that the 100k and 600k figures aren’t all ‘Ready for Service’ (RFS), although the RFS figure is usually only a little bit behind their premises passed (built but not yet fully live) total.

Brsk Regional Head, Laura Richardson (Pictured), said:

“With technology playing such an important part in today’s society, I’m incredibly proud to be a part of upgrading the broadband, to the area that I call home, to the fastest internet available in the UK.. Full fibre technology not only future proofs us, it enables Birmingham and the Black Country to continue as technology hubs for the UK.”

Residential customers typically pay from £23 per month for a 100Mbps (symmetric) package and this rises up to £32 for their top 900Mbps tier on a 24-month term, which includes a router and free installation.

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