Broadband ISP toob Increases FTTP Price for New UK Customers UPDATE

Hampshire-based network builder and gigabit broadband ISP, toob, which is deploying its own full fibre (FTTP) network and also sharing some of CityFibre’s infrastructure in parts of South England, has today announced its first price increase from £25 to £29 per month on an 18-month term for their one and only 900Mbps package.

The price increase may seem significant, although it’s worth remembering that this is for a 900Mbps package with free installation (i.e. £29 is still cheaper than most similar plans). The ISP has maintained their existing £25 price point for five long years, which is despite all of the recent cost increases that providers have been having to contend with.

NOTE: Toob’s fibre covers 150,000 UK premises (not all RFS) and they have 20,000 customers (c. 95% on their own network). The operator originally aimed to cover 1 million premises across Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex by 2027 (e.g. Southampton, Camberley, Aldershot, Farnborough etc.), but recently switched to growing take-up rather than network expansion (here).

Finally, toob’s packages have long been sold alongside a pledge of “no in-contract price rises“, which the provider says they intend to honour for existing customers.

Nick Parbutt, CEO of toob, said:

“Like anyone at present, toob is not immune to rising costs and we are having to adjust the price of our 900 Mbps service on new contracts from mid-May. We believe in making the benefits of full-fibre broadband available to all through one simple proposition, and at £29 for 900 Mbps, toob’s proposition continues with this approach by remaining more competitive than any of the major providers in the UK.

What’s more, when you enter a contract with a broadband provider, we believe the price should remain the same for the life of the contract, and toob’s customers can continue to be reassured that there will be no mid-contract price hikes.”

In addition, £29 is also the existing post-contract price of the current £25 offer (at present the original £25 deal is still showing on toob’s website, until next month), although at the time of writing we’re not sure if the post-contract price for new customers will thus be higher than £29 or remain at that level (checking this now).

UPDATE 11:35am

Toob has confirmed to us that the new post-contract price will indeed also rise, which means that after the first 18-month term you’ll go from paying £29 per month (new price) to £33 per month. But to get around that, customers will be able to recommit to a new contract.

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