Broadband ISP Giganet Start Directing New CityFibre Users to Cuckoo

Internet provider Cuckoo has confirmed that, starting from today, new customers in CityFibre’s full fibre (FTTP) broadband areas that may be looking to sign-up online with UK ISP Giganet will instead be diverted to Cuckoo. The move forms part of Fern Trading‘s (Octopus Investments) ongoing network consolidated efforts.

Just to recap. Fern Trading has already consolidated its full fibre networks (Jurassic Fibre, Swish Fibre and Giganet) under the single AllPoints Fibre brand (wholesale). As part of that, Cuckoo is set to become the main retail ISP for the consolidated networks (i.e. where consumers will get their packages) and indeed the process of migrating customers to the provider began at the start of 2024 (here), albeit not without some trouble (here).

However, up until now anybody covered by CityFibre’s separate fibre broadband network have still been able to sign up to Giganet’s service (Giganet previously ran its own FTTP network and also sold services via CityFibre), which is arguably a more familiar and reputable brand than Cuckoo. But this has now changed.

As of today, Cuckoo informs us that new Giganet connections via CityFibre will no longer be offered where Cuckoo is now available (this was an expected change). Giganet will thus be diverting any postcode checks on the Giganet site that fall into the CityFibre footprint to Cuckoo’s site and services. The packages and prices remain identical (i.e. 150Mbps symmetric for £28, 500Mbps for £32 and 900Mbps for £39 on an 18-month term).

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