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Tell us about your startup
At CeneReality, we’re not just a startup; we’re visionaries in the realm of immersive tech, pioneering the uncharted territories of virtual and augmented reality. Our mission? Empowering businesses to leap into the next digital frontier, elevating their narratives in a world where reality meets imagination. Our essence revolves around designing spaces that aren’t just virtual but are alive, dynamic, and 100% interactive. As digital explorers, we see a future where the web’s boundaries are only limited by imagination, and we’re poised to guide businesses on this transformative journey.

Imagine a world where your aspirations are vividly realized, pixel by pixel. Our adept team, armed with avant-garde tools like synthetic imagery, evocative animation, and immersive AR & VR, transforms your ideas into digital masterpieces. Dive in with CeneReality and let us architect a digital dimension where your brand’s narrative comes alive like never before.

What is your USP?
CeneReality is an embodiment of innovation where technology meets art. Our USP lies in our profound ability to fuse state-of-the-art AR & VR technologies with impactful digital narratives. Beyond just offering immersive experiences, we tailor-make digital realms that resonate emotionally with each viewer, ensuring every virtual space becomes a journey in itself. But what truly sets us apart is our dedicated team: passionate professionals deeply rooted in the realms of virtual and augmented reality. Their diverse skill set spans custom software development, intricate 3D modeling, dynamic animation, and interactive design. We’re not just technologically adept; we’re storytellers at heart. In the evolving landscape of VR and AR, CeneReality doesn’t just adapt; we pioneer, always ensuring that your message is not only seen but profoundly felt.

What is your relationship with the telecom sector?
CeneReality and the telecom sector share an intricate, intertwined relationship. As pioneers in the realm of virtual and augmented reality, the very backbone of our groundbreaking experiences rests upon the robust capabilities offered by the telecom industry. Our transformative VR and AR solutions demand high-speed, unfaltering connectivity — something only a cutting-edge telecom infrastructure can deliver. Recognizing this symbiosis, we’ve strategically aligned ourselves with key players in the telecom world. One of our flagship projects, a pioneering virtual agency, was sculpted hand in hand with Algérie Télécom. This partnership not only showcased our expertise but also underscored the telecom sector’s pivotal role in bringing such innovations to the masses. As we continue to chart new territories in VR and AR, we also become catalysts, driving the telecom industry towards greater advancements. Our commitment to innovation, married with the prowess of the telecom sector, is a testament to what collaborative excellence can achieve.

How have you got to your current stage of development?
CeneReality embarked on its transformative journey in 2020, starting with the ambitious 3D/VR reconstruction of the ancient city of Timgad. This project was pivotal, showcasing our capabilities and setting the tone for our commitment to preserving cultural heritage through state-of-the-art technology. By breathing life into history, we demonstrated the vast potential of VR in bridging the past with the present.

Building upon the success of the Timgad project, we continued to explore innovative applications of virtual and augmented reality to transform the digital landscape. Our vision, combined with dedication and a continuous embrace of emerging technologies, paved the way for a series of successful endeavors.

Our team, comprised of experts who share a passion for VR and AR, played an instrumental role. Encouraging continuous learning and fostering collaboration, we viewed every project as an opportunity to refine our methodologies and approaches.

Our strategic collaborations, especially our significant partnership with Algérie Télécom, further bolstered our position in the industry. Feedback from both our partners and the end-users has consistently guided our evolution, ensuring we stay aligned with market needs.

All in all, our journey, from the immersive experience of Timgad to our current array of projects, has been marked by unwavering commitment, invaluable partnerships, and the consistent pursuit of innovation in the realm of immersive technology.

Why did you establish the business?
CeneReality was born out of a profound belief in the transformative power of immersive technologies. As passionate advocates for virtual and augmented reality, we recognized the vast untapped potential these tools held for revolutionizing various sectors, from education and tourism to business and entertainment.

We were especially drawn to the idea of merging the tangible and digital realms to create experiences that could both educate and captivate. The reconstruction of the ancient city of Timgad was an initial testament to this vision, allowing individuals to step back in time and witness the grandeur of the past through a modern lens.
Moreover, with the rapid digitization trends globally, we saw an opportunity to position Algeria at the forefront of this technological revolution in the region. We aimed to offer local businesses and institutions the tools to enhance their digital strategies, making them more interactive, engaging, and meaningful.

In essence, CeneReality was established to bridge the gap between vision and reality, leveraging the power of VR and AR to create transformative experiences, and to cement Algeria’s place in the global digital narrative.

Who inspired you?
Undoubtedly, the global quarantine of 2020 played a pivotal role in shaping the direction and ethos of CeneReality. During this period, when the world came to an almost standstill and people were confined to their homes, the desire for exploration and experiences remained undiminished. It was during these trying times that we envisioned the 3D reconstruction of the ancient city of Timgad.

Our main inspiration came from the idea of transcending physical boundaries through technology. With Timgad’s reconstruction, we aimed to let people travel back in time, experiencing the splendor of ancient civilizations right from the comfort of their homes. The powerful blend of history, technology, and the unique circumstances of the quarantine spurred the inception of our startup.

In essence, while global tech visionaries and our national heritage provided the foundational inspiration, it was the unique challenges and contemplative environment of the 2020 lockdown that truly ignited the spark for CeneReality. Our goal became clear: use immersive technology to bridge the past and present, making history accessible and engaging, especially in times when physical exploration seemed almost impossible.

What does the future hold for your business?
For CeneReality, the future is teeming with opportunities and advancements. We envision becoming a global leader in immersive technology, expanding our offerings beyond Algeria and into the international arena. Our primary aim is to enhance and democratize the virtual reality experience, making it more accessible and engaging for users worldwide.

We’re actively researching and investing in the latest technological trends to stay at the forefront of the VR and AR industry. We believe that the intersection of AI, IoT, and immersive technology will play a pivotal role in the next wave of digital experiences, and we’re gearing up to be pioneers in that space.

Collaborations and partnerships are also on the horizon. By forging alliances with global tech giants, cultural institutions, and educational bodies, we aim to bring richer, more diverse experiences to our platform.
Furthermore, as the global demand for virtual experiences in real estate, telecom,education, tourism and heritage preservation surges, CeneReality plans to cater to this need by launching specialized solutions tailored for these sectors.

In essence, the future for CeneReality is about scaling new heights, pushing technological boundaries, fostering global collaborations, and continually redefining the way users experience the world virtually. Our journey has only just begun, and the road ahead promises innovation, growth, and transformative experiences.

Meet CeneReality at Total Telecom Congress
The team will be present in the Startup Village at Total Telecom Congress in Amsterdam this November. Make sure you don’t miss your chance to meet them, visit the website

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