Bless this highly nutritious broadband and the people who sold it


Kevin would be so pleased – apologies for the obscure reference to Home Alone! The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have ruled that broadband providers should display simple point of sale labels s to help consumers to compare broadband services.

The labels which will resemble nutrition signage on food with prices, speeds, fees, data allowances and other important information.

Broadband facts labels resemble food labels

“Broadband is an essential service, for everyone, everywhere. Because of this, consumers need to know what they are paying for, and how it compares with other service offerings,” said Chairwoman Rosenworcel. “For over 25 years, consumers have enjoyed the convenience of nutrition labels on food products. We’re now requiring internet service providers to display broadband labels for both wireless and wired services. Consumers deserve to get accurate information about price, speed, data allowances, and other terms of service up front.”

The label must be visible before purchase and must also be easily accessible on the customer’s online account portal and be quickly produced if required. The labels must be machine-readable so that third parties can easily utilise data for comparison-shopping tools. A date for implementation is still yet to be set.

The FCC was tasked to require providers to display consumer-friendly labels relating to broadband services by The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and supersedes the previous voluntary labelling in place since 2016.

The FCC states that the move is vital to helping “consumers make informed choices and is central to a well-functioning marketplace that encourages competition, innovation, low prices, and high-quality service.”

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