BEAD funding: Challenges and opportunities with NCTA’s Rick Cimerman


At Connected America 2024, we met with Rick Cimerman, VP, External & State Affairs Lead at NCTA – The Internet & Television Association, to discuss the pivotal role of federal funding in advancing broadband connectivity across the United States

Highlighting the implications of the Broadband Equity and Access and Deployment (BEAD) Act, Cimerman underscored the importance of targeted investment and strategic partnerships in addressing the nation’s connectivity gaps. Cimerman also stresses the need for efficient deployment, regulatory clarity, and workforce development to maximize the impact of these funds.  

Through collaboration between federal, state, and industry stakeholders, Cimerman outlines a pathway towards achieving comprehensive broadband access for all Americans. 


State proposals for funding allocation are currently under review, with implementation expected to start by early 2025. 
It’s important to keep the focus on expanding to unserved areas before underserved areas.  
The best path forward is to partner with experienced cable broadband providers who have the experience and knowledge to deliver projects on time and on budget.  
Federal government agencies need to reduce deployment barriers while avoiding new regulatory burdens like net neutrality rules. 
It will be critical skill shortage through workforce development and training programs. 
Broadband expansion holds transformative potential for communities nationwide. 

Cimerman emphasised the urgency of getting broadband expansion right and the profound impact it can have on communities across the nation. Through strategic investment, regulatory clarity, and collaboration, stakeholders can bridge the digital divide and ensure equitable access to broadband for all Americans.  

You can watch our full interview with Rick from the link below:

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