Are You Winning? Game Changers Build Faster installs With Fewer Experts


25 years ago, Kapil Singhal worked as a field engineer at Ericsson to deploy some of the first ever mobile networks in India. His involvement with Telcos across the region in building Mobile Switch Centers and Radio Network Services meant he very quickly learnt and understood, first-hand, the key problems field workers faced in network infrastructure and deployment projects.


From arduous paper forms and lengthy inspections that wasted key resources, to inefficiencies in data capture requiring multiple reworks, Kapil felt the difficulty and lack of support to efficiently complete his work to a high standard.

Fast-forward 15 years and Kapil has built teams across Europe to drive significant growth for companies focused on connecting the world, and has now Co-Founded Vyntelligence, a company driven by a singular focus to empower field professionals and organizations to drive efficiencies with higher data quality & analytics. Purposefully  simpler worker life with more time with friends & family and on health.

Led by his passion, Kapil has been fortunate to build a network of game-changing professionals that are excited by the same desire to build a better, safer & sustainable world. Unfortunately, change is slow. On one hand, senior stakeholders are ‘committed’ to driving change and harnessing the power of digital transformation. On the other, the field workforce continues to struggle to complete jobs effectively due to a lack of resources, an aging workforce, regulatory constraints and an increased demand for global connectivity.

Kapil mentions “The amount of time I have seen field people lose / waste time on admin, reporting, conference calls always frustrates me as current channels remain suboptimal to capture quality data; to drive better collaboration, better actions and better decisions.”

But change is not achieved, it’s driven. And part of his mission has been to travel to meet the key players across the industry and enlist them as game-changers pioneering new innovation to drive real benefits and efficiencies in a climate that needs it most.

Leaders such as Fredric Sundin, Head of Network Deployment & Connectivity UK at Vodafone recognise that “there is a shortage of people with the right skills and capabilities in the industry, and more focus and drive are needed to ensure a more flexible workforce with right upskill & cross skilling both into younger workforce and existing”.

How do we do this? BT Advisory Board and ex-CIO with over 25 years experience, Mike Young, shared that “careful communication and community engagement needs to be factored in. Particularly with where our economy is and the cost of living, we need to be very careful we don’t leave people behind. Digital inclusion is key”. On the other hand, he shares that “governments change and therefore Policies can change.  This can have a marked effect on any rollout and the same can be said for environmental concerns”.

In turning to the world of digital, then, Fredric also recommends that technology “will simplify things a lot and result in less resources needed for certain tasks. It will also enable us to do more with less in parallel to being faster and cheaper while providing a better quality with less reliance on human mistakes. Self healing, Self Audit and AI powered automation would result in a proactive approach to ensure network reliability & Safety.

We also spoke with our industry partners to get their expansive insight on the problems faced, and Harish Krishnan, EU Head of Operation Excellence at Prodapt shared that “repeated field surveys due to poor field data capture and lack of A55 field digitisation is impacting the fiber plan and design completion on-time with the right quality”.

It’s clear that the industry & its leaders recognise the problem, and are clear about the solutions too.

But Kapil’s mission spans further. It would be a great oversight to only involve senior leaders in your cause, so through Vyntelligence, Kapil has brought together various game-changers who are already pioneering change at every level.

A commitment to driving organizational change and adopting new technologies is hard, but there are many that have joined the community, driven the change with Vyntelligence and are now advocating the benefits to share with others.

Glyn Albrow, LLU Infrastructure Process Specialist at Openreach mentioned “this is a first for Openreach so is a big achievement that we can remotely audit successfully to the quality standard required.” On speaking about the Vyn SmartVideoNotes platform, he said “We were able to remove the need for any physical visits because the installer was able to audit their own work with the Vyn technology. So 100% audits are now being completed remotely.”

Whilst a well built product that provides targeted solutions to deliver happier customers, contractors & colleagues is essential to achieving these benefits, the credit lies with the game-changers that are not only recognising value, but driving it wherever possible to help others reap the benefits too.

By combining human intelligence with the power of smart, guided asynchronous video for smarter data capture, and harnessing the power of AI/ML capabilities to drive smarter insights and collaboration, a community of game-changers are able to empower themselves, field teams and customers too.

Kapil’s belief has always been that “harnessing the power of video naturally lends to effective remote supervision. It builds better customer engagement, saves field visits (carbon miles), reduces capital programme risks, accelerates productivity and creates safety & compliance as a positive culture”

It is clear now that there is an abundance of smart technologies and new innovations trying to drive change in the industry, but the factor that brings success is culture. A dedicated focus on championing change management within organizations so teams can directly see and feel the value of innovation is what brings together the game-changers. And it only comes when the need has been felt first-hand, the years have been spent building and growing, and the effort has been well placed in bringing together a community of those who recognise value and have a desire to see change.

“I am proud that I’m now able to bring together a community to help the field engineers in the same place as I once was. We’re seeing real commitment and real change leading to real benefits. The work is in progress, and the game is changing” says Kapil.

Are you Vynning?

Vyntelligence is a market-leading enterprise intelligence platform. As the category owner, it holds an 80% market share of top UK infrastructure & telco providers including Openreach. They’ve also won the Orange Fab France Women Start Program amongst over 250 innovative global startups and have joined Tomorrow Street’s SCALEUP X, the next generation of strategic suppliers to Vodafone. Vyn leverages its patented data capture, collaboration & AI-powered analytics platform for clients to see faster, bigger, and smarter asset deployment and service delivery using fewer resources with short guided asynchronous video.

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