Aqua Comms talks changing customer profiles in the subsea cable sector


At Submarine Networks EMEA 2024, Isabelle Paradis, founder of Hot Telecom, interviewed Stacie Pascale, CPO of Aqua Comms, to discuss one of the hottest topics of the conference: spectrum.

In the ever-changing submarine cable industry, two types of customers emerging when it comes to spectrum sharing: those looking to diversify and minimise capex, and those looking to scale rapidly and prepare for massive demand.

“Spectrum sharing has been around for a long time, but mainly at the consortium level between operators. But now we’re seeing operators that would have previously been interested in a full fibre pair, insead be interested in spreading their capex out around more systems. Instead of buying one system with one fibre pair, they would rather buy four with a quarter fibre pair on each, so they can better serve their IP transit backbones and meet their other customer needs without the capital intensity,” explained Pascale. “The other kind of customer we see is a scaling customer […] that sees they may want 5Tb of capacity in 5-10 years, so they want to plan for that now.”

Check out the full Hotshots interview below!

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