Airtel Africa unveils new fibre wholesaler Telesonic


The move comes just two months after the company announced the creation of new data centre business Nxtra

It seems that 2024 is a year of transformation for Airtel Africa, with the operator moving to restructure its business considerably to better capture value from Africa’s ever-growing digital landscape.

This week, the operator has announced the launch of new fibre wholesaler Telesonic, a subsidiary that will manage Airtel’s 75,000km terrestrial fibre network across its 14 African markets, as well as the company’s investment in the pan-African submarine cable 2Africa.

According to Airtel, initial steps will be launching local divisions of Telesonic in key markets to manage the fibre networks efficiently.

Services to be offered include national and international leased lines, dedicated internet access, IP/IP transit, and MPLS services,

“The establishment of Airtel Africa Telesonic Limited underscores Airtel Africa’s commitment to addressing Africa’s needs for the digital revolution by providing cutting-edge fibre-optic solutions that will empower businesses, education, healthcare, and communities at large,” said Airtel Africa’s Group chief executive Segun Ogunsanya.

“No doubt, Africa is experiencing a digital revolution, with surging demand for data across various sectors especially by the continent’s growing youth population. With robust and scalable infrastructure, we aim to bridge the digital divide and unlock opportunities for innovation and economic growth. Our investment signifies not just a technological advancement but also a catalyst for progress, connecting people and ideas across borders.”

The creation of Telesonic is the latest in a number of steps taken by the company as it increases its focus on supporting high quality connectivity across borders throughout the African continent. In December, the company announced the creation of Nxtra, a company aiming to deploy and manage five hyperscale data centres across the African continent. The first of these data centres will begin construction in Lagos, Nigeria, next month, with commercial operations due to begin in 2025.

When combined, Airtel believes Telesonic and Nxtra will create a solid connectivity backbone to support Africa’s ever-increasing digital needs.

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