Abzorb Transforms Norfolk County Council’s Network Infrastructure with a £1.2 Million Unified SD-WAN Project

Brighouse, 1st May 2024 – Abzorb, an innovator in public sector and business networking, has a developed and delivered a £1.2 million network transformation project for Norfolk County Council (NCC) that reduces costs while increasing performance and security across 221 sites. It developed a unified software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) solution that enables NCC to use the most cost-effective connectivity provider at each site with monitoring and visibility delivered in a single platform.

90% of end users at NCC say they see improvement in network performance since the deployment and it has simplified things for the internal IT team as they no longer need to monitor and manage multiple solutions and providers. Abzorb created a bespoke internet-based solution that enables NCC to leverage the best networking technologies at each site, including FTTP, SoGEA, and Fibre Ethernet, while selecting the most cost-efficient and high-performing provider for long-term cost reductions.

“Abzorb provided us with a flexible foundation for connecting more than 200 sites with the best networking option at each site. Its technology and provider agnostic approach has enabled the Authority to improve security, reduce complexity and deliver savings benefiting the council, the communities we serve. The Abzorb team understands public sector and it’s challenges which helps us to develop a solution that is easy to manage with a small team but delivers trusted and reliable connectivity,” said Kurt Fray, Head of IT at Norfolk County Council. “Cost efficiencies mean that we’re able to explore emerging technologies and strategies to further optimise our IT capabilities and continue to enhance Digital services and Digital Service delivery in Norfolk.”

Abzorb’s tailored SD-WAN solution for NCC integrates existing hardware and optimises connectivity options at each location. It also simplifies network management with automated ticketing and fortifies network security with protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Abzorb monitors and manages NCC’s networking environment with a single streamlined support helpdesk service.

“Public sector networking doesn’t have to be complicated. We worked in collaboration with Norfolk County Council to understand their ambition, strategy, IT estate and investments then developed a solution that wouldn’t require ‘ripping and replacing’ existing investments in technology. Instead, we simplified operations and found ways to maximise the value of existing equipment within a solution that leverages cloud, automation and cybersecurity,” said Dean Al-Sened, Head of Public Sector and Enterprise at Abzorb. “We’ve proven that network transformation can deliver simplicity, flexibility, and agility for local councils. You just have to understand public sector needs and deliver innovative and creative solutions.”

The partnership enables Norfolk County Council to meet the evolving demands of its constituents and positions the County Council to proactively adapt to emerging trends, technologies and cloud services. Abzorb is a UK-based network solutions provider with 20+ years of experience delivering digital transformation for public sector organisations, service providers and enterprises.






About Abzorb

Abzorb Systems is a leading network solutions provider with over 20 years of experience. Headquartered in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, Abzorb understands that telecom solutions are not one-size-fits-all. Partnering with top-tier providers, it offers tailored communication solutions to enhance business operations. With 100,000s of mobile, fixed voice and data customer connections, it understands that technology and communications can shape and play a pivotal role in your business operations.

Partnering exclusively with top-tier providers, it delivers communication solutions that truly elevate business activities. Abzorb’s comprehensive suite of telecom services empowers businesses to tailor their telecom options according to their unique needs and those of their customers. Abzorb’s vision is to simplify the increasingly complex world of communications for its customers and partners, whilst enabling them to conduct business more efficiently by managing all their communication needs in one centralized platform.




About Norfolk County Council

Norfolk County Council (NCC) is the main local authority for Norfolk providing services countywide to more than 900,000 Norfolk residents. It takes the lead in critical policy areas, working with 84 elected Members responsible for the strategic local government services in the county.

NCC provides high quality service through involving people who use our services to shape and comment on them and by promoting efficiency and innovation. NCC works in partnership with local businesses, voluntary organisations and other local authorities such as District and Parish Councils in order to provide the people of Norfolk with excellent services.


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